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To Our Valued Customers: 

As the world navigates through the uncertainty of COVID-19, Lights Camera Snaption (LCS) wants to continue to provide a photo booth experience that is fun and safe. The health and welfare of  you, your guests and our employees is our priority. Over the last few months, LCS  has taken precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We have revised our policy and implemented safety measures based on CDC guidelines, to continue to provide an elite and safe photo booth experience. LCS will continually follow the CDC guidelines, and update our policy and protocols as we deem fit during the pandemic. We ask that all hosts and venues read and follow the COVID-19 precautions and collaborate with guests and staff to assist with disease control. 

If you have specific requirements or needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team consultants or email and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you. 




We are providing all employees with additional training to include COVID-19 compliance and health and safety precautions. 


We are thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all our equipment before and after all events. We use hospital grade germicidal agents that are known to kill the coronavirus, H1N1, and blood borne pathogens and viruses: MRSA, VRE, HIV, HBV, HCV. 


We have added a suite of digital props to maintain the fun for any event. Our preferred choice of props are our digital props during the pandemic. If handheld props are a must, a booth butler will be available to sanitize each handheld prop between use. 

**We highly discourage the use of physical props, including those that are handheld, worn on the face/over the head and on the body , as these may increase surface contamination and transmission. 


We have incorporated a new way to booth hands-free.  Hooray! This includes our virtual photo booth or a photo booth at your event that can be activated from your personal cell phone. Instructions will be posted at the photo booth or explained to you and your guests by your booth butler.

We have developed ways to reduce crowds and maintain proper social distancing through the use of signs, mats, stanchions and place holders  Each event attendee will be provided with an event gallery link, that will allow guests to view photo booth photos of the entire party.  


All events will have a designated sanitizing area for guests to sanitize their hands before and after each booth interaction. 


Employees will be screened prior to the event for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. No sick employee will be allowed to work at an event.


All employees will be required  to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance, of at least 6 feet, at all times. 



We encourage all hosts and their guests to follow the guidelines from the California Department of Health. Visit for more information on COVID-19. Be safe.


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